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BOS Dance with Alyssa Decaro

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Tune up your whole body with an upbeat fusion dance & rhythmic workout. Created by Body of Sound founder Alyssa DeCaro, BOS Dance is designed to build core strength, increase flexibility and broaden your range. You will simultaneously develop precise timing, incorporate deeper musicality into your movement, and blend the pure joy of dancing with the bold commitment of training your instrument. Open your body with a strengthening warm up of cardio and technique, rock out to fun music with choreography, create music with body percussion, and cool down with deep stretching and meditation to center your mind. Come prepared to get sweaty, funky, strong, bold and let the rhythm carry you!

Alyssa DeCaro brings 17 years of experience as a yoga teacher, group facilitator, dancer, and musician dedicated to helping others tune in to their “essential instrument” through movement, breath, rhythm, and ensemble connection. As a yoga teacher, Alyssa is known for her fluid sequencing, precise verbal cues, and heartfelt presence. She leads popular classes at the Yoga Tree, Namaste, Flying Studios and The Green Yogi in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, Alyssa founded BODY OF SOUND workshops and retreats based on the concept that your body is your most essential instrument. Her work integrates the audience/performer and student/teacher relationships to create an interactive, rhythmic, ensemble experience.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Bring non-marking dance or athletic shoes. Please note that the address for this venue (4834 Telegraph) may show up incorrectly on map apps.