Sahar Dehghan Dance
Quantum Dance

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WHIRL Quantum Dance was just recently presented in San Francisco with an audience of 1200 people This contemporary dance and digital arts performance is inspired by quantum mechanics, particle physics, persian poetry, sufi and hindu philosophy/cosmology. Collaborating with a Cern physicist Andrea Latina, the director Sahar Dehghan created this project and she is coming to guide special experimental workshops:

Exploring the same themes as in the show, these workshops are experimental dance movement meditation to become more aware of how we are all made of similar particles dancing, vibrating, interconnecting.

Through raw free wild improvisation, sometimes blindfolded, in a serene artistic space, a sacred sanctuary or sometimes outdoor in nature, Sahar Dehghan guides various groups across the globe to experiment together waves and particles as ONE.

Sometimes her workshops end with sufi whirling to live drummers in a dance space sometimes sandy and wet to the sound of waves at night...

Special Instructions for Participants:
Please contact us at for more info about exact place and more details about how to reserve your spot and what to bring. Thank you