Alma del Tango
Introduction to Argentine Tango

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This class is an introduction to the social form of Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires. No previous experience necessary! You will learn a code of movement that will get you started with this improvised dance. Embrace, posture, connection with your partner, and basic navigation on the dance floor will be emphasized. If you like it the free trial class - continue with the series - every Wednesday 7-8pm.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Wear comfortable clothes that let you move. Flowing skirts, gaucho or Capri pants are a good option for women. For men, jeans are fine or pants that are loose and allow movement. Please, no shorts. As a beginner, you don’t need any special shoes to dance tango, but shoes with a leather or suede sole are preferable. Shoes with a hard plastic sole may do initially. You need to be able to turn easily on the ball of your foot as there’s a lot of pivoting in tango, especially for followers, and if your shoes stick to the floor you’ll hurt your knees.