Dholrhythms Dance Company-
Bhangra Dance

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Want to add a little exercise to your week thats not the same old cardio workouts while trying something cultural and positive? Heard of or ever been to a Non Stop Bhangra event? Voted one of the best dance parties in SF, it\'s a place where people get down to some of the most energetic and contagious beats found on a dance floor. Come try out their Bhangra Dance Class with Dholrhythms Dance Co. One of a kind class that will get your feet stomping, shoulders bouncing, hips shaking, leaving you with smiles. Bhangra is one of the happiest and most exuberant form of movements from Punjab, India. If you have ever gone to an Indian wedding or watched a bollywood movie wedding scene, and witnessed people bouncing joyfully in circles, shrugging their shoulders, and laughing endlessly, you have experienced Bhangra.

Special Instructions for Participants:
wear any workout type clothing. bring water. can do it barefeet or with light runners/dance shoes