Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance-
Dance Art Sanctuary with Miriam Peretz

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Cultivate an empowered body, a polished heart, and a universal soul through the art of dance. A ritual infused, ethno-contemporary class focused on exploring ways to embody prayers and intentions through movement and dance. Opening the senses and awareness to the space and to each other we search for spirals in the body, fluidity in the spine, moving from the center, finding deeper breath in movement, and using dance as a healing art. Movement style is ethno-contemporary with influences from various world dance traditions. Each class offers a theme based on a soul trait (character refinement,) that inspires an improvisational element exploring personal story and process. The class focuses on the seven soul traits; Humility, Compassion, Patience, Discipline, Gratitude, Generosity, and Equanimity, each month focusing on a different trait. “Miriam’s classes convey a sense of community, inclusiveness, beauty and grace. I have the most joyful experiences in her classes.” -Maud Engel