Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel-
WALKING AWAY — circumambulating Union Square

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A choreographic walk/work circumambulating San Francisco's Union Square area. Beginning at sunset, the walking, encircling, and disappearing body shifts in formation along the outer edges of the central public plaza. It acts in tandem with long durational walks/works circling the outer edges of the city of San Francisco. Conceptually and physically, the process looks to engage a discursive meditation on the rigors of stable presence and living absence in a changing city. It is part of the series: "Wind Stations — a curation of missing people", to be shown at CounterPulse, June 15-18.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Beginning by the corner of Geary and Powell (above the stairs). Audience will often be actively moving, as the work will travel and span a distance beyond a singular view point along the outer edge. Audience participation is possible in various ways. Please inquire.