The Brothers Kizomba-
Kizomba & Rhythm

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What we teach Kizomba, derived from the traditional dances Semba (Angola) and Pasada (Cape Verde) among others, is a sensual partner dance coupled with music from Angola, Cape Verde and the Caribbean primarily sung in Portuguese or French Creole. 
 Why we teach Our chief goal is for dancers, especially Kizomba dancers, new or improver, to learn to experience a different dance each time especially when dancing with the same partner to the identical song. 
 Our philosophy Like most dancers, dance is leisure so:     - Have fun     - Make the dance your own     - Listen to your dance music over and over until your very familiar     - Dance with EVERYONE in the dance community     - Turn your mistakes into possibly your signature move     - There is one leader, the music, and two followers:         - First follower follows the music         - Second follower follows first follower and the music     - Rhythm is key to a successful dance Special Event - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Free for Bay Area Dance Week Drop-Ins Welcome On-going Class $15 / $10 w/Student/Teacher ID Drop-Ins Welcome No Partner Required Title: Kizomba & Rhythm When: 7PM Tuesdays*   * Schedule subject to change … La Peña website for updates Where: La Peña Cultural Center
              3105 Shattuck Avenue 
             Berkeley, CA  94705    

Special Instructions for Participants:
- Dance shoes recommended - Class starts at 7pm - Close to Ashby BART - Park in the neighborhood - Try to listen to some of the music below: >>> Caribbean Zouk <<< Zouk Machine - Maldon Kassav Oh Madiana ZOUK - Vini Séré - Jocelyne Beroard >>> Semba <<< CARLOS BURITY - TIA JOAQUINA Paulo flores-Boda Bangão - Dioguito >>> Ghetto Zouk <<< Nelson Freitas - Something Good Bruna Tatiana feat Nelson Freitas & Matias Damasio - E so Bo 2015 Djodje - Uma Chance feat. Ricky Boy & Loony Johnson (Audio >>> Tarraxinha <<< hardenn te dit que mistral gagnant kizomba c est pas mal Badoxa ft G - Amado - Mulher Perfeita + LETRA DotoradO'PrO' - Me Dá Só Do Quadradinho (2015) >>> Authentic Kizomba <<< Kyaku Kyadaff - Kilamba MAGO DE SOUSA - CAROLINA Iolass Pires Gata Morena