Dancing with props & finding your flow

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Find your flow through the flow arts - play and dance with props!

Taught by flow artist Remy June, this workshop presents a series of exercises that help you access the flowstate, and harness it into your dance and performance. It’s huge fun, and will have you grinning ear to ear :)

What are the flow arts?
The flow arts encompasses the emerging movement-based artforms that integrate dance and creative exploration of movement with skill-based prop manipulation. The Flow Arts draw from a multitude of ancient and modern movement disciplines from Maori poi spinning to modern firedancing, from martial arts and taichi to circus arts and hula hooping.

The Flow Arts are a new way to dance, explore and interact with the physical world, a movement meditation practice, a fun and creative outlet, and a serious technical pursuit of mastery. For many of its practitioners, it is a way to achieve the mind-state known as “flow”, a state of optimal experience, also known as "the zone" or getting in a groove.

Special Instructions for Participants:
No props? No worries - sample poi, staff, levitation dance wands, torofluxes, and more are available for workshop use. If you're interested, you can also purchase various props to take home. There's a free open community jam from 7-9pm after the workshop - you are welcome to stay and play with a wide range of props. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can extend your arms with and move freely in. There's plenty of free street parking in the area.