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Bliss Grooves Playful Dance Fitness

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Bliss Grooves is, “happy hour” for your body. Each class uses music to inspire dancing, play, and community. The dance moves come from around the globe, taught in an easy to understand format. You choose the level of intensity to get the workout that suits your body.

Each class is an hour-long. We begin with a flowing, moving warm up to get the body ready for more intense work. Then we spend approx. 30 min with variable intensity dance cardio followed by a flowing cool down with some movement isolation. We take a brief break to remove our shoes, get water, and collect our yoga mats for the rest of class. Each class has a 10-15 min yoga/ core work section on the mat. Modifications and variations for your fitness level. Class completes with several minutes in mindful awareness and silence to absorb the class experience.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Supportive, clean dance sneakers recommended. Dress to move your body comfortably. Please bring a yoga mat & water bottle. Children (8+) & teens welcome with a parent. There is a flight of stairs leading up to the studio, not wheelchair accessible. Please arrive 10 min early.