arete dance center
Introduction to Ballroom/Partner Dance for Adults

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Arete Dance Center specializes in introducing the world of partner dancing to all ages but especially adults. Our dance program is special and fun and most important REALLY works. We'd love to bring some insight to you on how the program works. This class is going to be 45 minutes of instruction along with an explanation of how you can get started in ballroom/partner dancing.

You don't need a partner. Just a good attitude and socks (for now). We will give you a sample of our teaching methods and have you learning some basics in Waltz & Jive (like swing dancing). We will also have an opportunity for you to talk to students who are in the program and offer you a chance to get to see them dance at different levels (some more beginners, some more advanced) to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Please arrive 15 minutes before the class start time to sign in. Socks, ballet slippers, or jazz shoes are appropriate (PLEASE do NOT wear dance sneakers). Please wear slacks for gentleman Skirts, slacks, or leggings for ladies (no jeans in the ballroom) Thank you :)