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Wednesday May 2

Introduction to Argentine Tango

Alma del Tango

Wednesday May 2, 7:00 PM

San Anselmo

This class is an introduction to the social form of Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires. No previous experience necessary! You will learn a code of movement that will get you started with this improvised dance. Embrace, posture, connection with your partner, and basic navigation on the dance floor will be emphasized. If you like it the free trial class - continue with the series - every ...

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Bliss Grooves Playful Dance Fitness

Dance Play Thrive

Wednesday May 2, 6:00 PM


Bliss Grooves is, “happy hour” for your body. Each class uses music to inspire dancing, play, and community. The dance moves come from around the globe, taught in an easy to understand format. You choose the level of intensity to get the workout that suits your body. Each class is an hour-long. We begin with a flowing, moving warm up to get the body ready for more intense work. Then we ...

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Dancing with props & finding your flow


Wednesday May 2, 6:00 PM


Find your flow through the flow arts - play and dance with props! Taught by flow artist Remy June, this workshop presents a series of exercises that help you access the flowstate, and harness it into your dance and performance. It’s huge fun, and will have you grinning ear to ear :) What are the flow arts? The flow arts encompasses the emerging movement-based artforms that integrate ...

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