106,3,"Kick-Off for Bay Area Dance Week 2017",0,57,0
22,325,"Ways Not To Drown ",25,25,7
120,347,"Bhangra Dance ",0,184,0
19,350,"Ethnic Dances from the Balkans and Beyond",0,10,0
13,351,"Bharatanatyam: Tradition to Trends!",30,14,0
131,605,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,2,0
131,604,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,1,0
131,603,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,5,2
160,602,"Mom & Me Ballet",20,1,0
160,600,"Ballet for all levels",20,7,0
160,601,"Ballet for all levels",20,7,0
160,599,"Ballet for all levels",20,3,0
147,598,"Afro-Haitian with Blanche Brown ",0,77,0
103,597,"Shake Your Asana - A Yoga & Dance Party with Alyssa DeCaro",75,75,9
103,596,"Body of Sound",75,26,0
153,595,"The Nia Technique: Through Movement We Find Health",15,0,0
158,592,"Exploring the Possibilities of Aerial Arts ",20,20,64
158,593,"Exploring the Possibilities of Aerial Arts ",20,20,31
81,591,"Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet and breaking for youth",25,1,0
81,590,"Contemporary and ballet classes for youth",25,2,0
81,589,"Intro to dance and Ballet preschool-5th grade",25,0,0
81,587,"Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop and Breakdancing classes for Youth",25,2,0
56,586,"Kizomba & Rhythm",60,21,0
44,578,"Bellydance Basics",15,15,9
44,577,"Bliss Grooves: Fitness from Sole to Soul",35,28,0
81,575,"Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet and breaking for youth",25,1,0
156,573,"FUSION! Contemporary, Hip Hop & Bollywood",30,30,30
153,570,"The Nia Technique: Holistic Cardio Dance Fitness for all!",40,9,0
134,569,"Elevate Your Dance Career - Resources For Dancers",0,2,0
153,567,"The Nia Technique: Holistic Cardio Dance Fitness for all!",40,12,0
70,566,"Teen & Tween Dance Jam",10,3,0
32,564,"Dances for Camera - Film Screening",200,15,0
41,561,"Ballet Fundamentals",0,22,0
41,560,"Teen/Adult Hip Hop",0,36,0
41,558,"Modern Jazz",0,22,0
41,559,"Advanced Beginning- Intermediate Ballet",0,4,0
41,557,"Matinee Munch",0,11,0
41,555,"dNaga Open Rehearsal",0,5,0
41,556,"Adult Beginning Ballet",0,14,0
153,581,"Nia Dance ",25,14,0
55,552,"Experience Breema Afternoon",0,18,0
149,550,"CONTEMPORARY ~ w/Katie Florez",25,25,16
149,551,"POPPING ~ w/Santino Rivera Jr.",25,25,17
149,549,"BEGINNING/INTERMEDIATE ADULT BALLET ~ w/Katie Florez",25,25,16
149,546,"POPPING ~ w/Prince Ali",25,25,21
149,547,"CONTEMPORARY ~ w/Dani Rowe",51,51,0
149,545,"TEEN HIP HOP CHOREO ~ w/Robyn Nariyoshi",25,7,0
149,543,"INTERMEDIATE HIP HOP CHOREO ~ w/ Chris Alcanices",43,43,3
149,544,"INTERMEDIATE HOUSE DANCE ~ w/Jardy Santiago",33,29,0
149,542,"T.U.R.F DANCING/GLIDING ~ w/Dopey Fresh ",15,15,14
149,540,"TOPROCK ~ w/Vandor 'Whacko' Hill",25,23,0
149,541,"OLD SCHOOL 90's HIP HOP ~ w/Dennis Infante",42,42,25
153,582,"The Nia Technique: Holistic Cardio Dance Fitness for All!",40,7,0
153,583,"The Nia Technique: Holistic Cardio Dance Fitness for All!",40,4,0
51,534,"FREE TO FLY",32,32,51
71,529,"Open House",18,18,14
79,528,"Kpop dance workshop ",0,77,0
79,527,"Intro Korean Dance & Drum ",0,37,0
148,526,"WALKING AWAY — circumambulating Union Square",0,16,0
160,614,"Basic Beginning Ballet",0,0,0
35,525,"Afro-Haitian Dance with Laure Fleurentin (Free Class)",35,35,17
58,523,"Amy Seiwert's Imagery @ DZine Gallery",100,25,0
126,522,"Adult Beginning Ballet",0,13,0
126,521,"Adult Intermediate Ballet",0,2,0
126,520,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,9,0
146,518,"Introductory class to North India's kathak",30,26,0
126,519,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,4,0
126,517,"Adult Beginning Ballet",0,9,0
126,516,"Adult Intermediate Ballet",0,3,0
126,514,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,11,0
126,515,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,4,0
126,513,"Adult Ballet: Pas De Deux",0,1,0
126,512,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,8,0
147,510,"Fusion with Ken Scott",75,35,0
130,511,"Resist: a Conversation with Artists about Activism",75,74,0
147,507,"Essentials with Heather Bornfeld",75,59,0
147,506,"Modern Essentials with Becca Selin",75,31,0
147,504,"ODC/Dance Open Rehearsal",100,61,0
61,503,"SF Ballet Company Class Viewing at the War Memorial Opera House",1500,986,0
80,502,"Pre-Beginner level Argentine Tango dance",30,30,19
80,501,"Pre-Beginner level Argentine Tango dance",30,29,0
80,500,"Argentine Tango Dance and Music Program at SF Community Music Center",50,38,0
21,499,"May Day: Advanced Modern with Randee Paufve",30,30,0
131,498,"Beginning Salsa and Musicality",0,55,0
131,497,"Beginning Salsa and Musicality",0,67,0
131,495,"Learn Two Ballroom Dances!",0,48,0
131,496,"Youth Ballroom Program",30,6,0
19,494,"Balkan and International Folk Dance",12,4,0
60,493,"Performance Installation Open Rehearsal and Q & A ",50,9,0
36,491,"Beginning Zumba",15,5,0
131,492,"Beginning Bachata",30,30,22
114,489,"Bharatanatyam - traditions and trends",75,19,0
145,490,"Energy in Movement",25,21,0
36,488,"Beginning Zumba",15,13,0
145,486,"Energy in Movement",25,23,0
36,484,"Beginning Salsa and Latin Dance",16,16,18
36,485,"Beginning Zumba",15,8,0
100,483,"Polynesian Dance Conditioning - Basic Steps and Fitness Fun",50,26,0
36,481,"Beginning Swing Dance",16,16,14
100,482,"Hula - Beginning Basics for Teens and Adults",60,23,0
100,480,"Tahitian Dance and Drumming",60,24,0
38,479,"Intro to Aerial Yoga",15,15,69
155,568,"Creative Movement & Tumbling for kids of all abilities! (Ages 3-8)",10,10,1
35,478,"Free Classes for Newcomers",50,50,8
100,477,"Maori, the Dance of New Zealand",50,20,0
144,476,"Making Networks: Exploring Creative Choreography",50,12,0
137,475,"Capoeira and Traditional African-Brazilian Dances",30,30,4
143,473,"Open Company Class & Open Rehearsal with choreographer Amy Seiwert",244,19,0
59,474,"Body Tales & Authentic Movement for Women",40,25,0
103,472,"Bodywerk Dance",70,70,1
137,471,"Junior & Parent Creative Dance",15,7,0
137,470,"Teen & Adult Creative Dance (16+) ",30,2,0
25,468,"American Tribal Style® Belly Dance",50,18,0
137,469,"Pre-Teen/Teen Family Creative Dance",30,0,0
67,467,"Flowing Energy in Dance",15,15,12
67,466,"Chinese Dance for Children ",15,5,0
19,463,"International Folk Dance Party",0,12,0
129,464,"Intro to Duncan Dance: Isadora's Past, Present and Future ",0,17,0
19,462,"International Folk Dance for Beginners",0,6,0
19,461,"International Dance in the Afternoon",0,2,0
142,458,"Day of Dance for Every Body",0,18,0
46,459,"Flamenco ",0,44,0
141,457,"Tahitian Fitness",15,15,1
141,455,"Kabaniaev's Professional Ballet Division",20,17,0
141,454,"Adult Ballet",15,9,0
141,453,"Creative Movement for Children using Ballet and Jazz",20,8,0
36,452,"Beginning Argentine Tango",16,16,9
36,450,"Feldenkrais, Awareness through Movement®",15,12,0
36,451,"Beginning Argentine Tango",16,6,0
140,448,"Modern Dance from The Inside Out",25,24,0
140,447,"Modern Dance from The Inside Out",25,17,0
139,446," Smuin's Dance Series 02 in Rehearsal",50,50,18
46,442,"Jazz Funk ",0,18,0
138,439,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",10,7,0
46,440,"Bellydance ",0,23,0
46,441,"Bollywood ",0,29,0
138,438,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",10,5,0
138,437,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",10,7,0
138,436,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",10,9,0
138,434,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",42,42,5
138,435,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",10,6,0
138,432,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",73,72,0
138,433,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",30,30,3
138,431,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",15,3,0
138,429,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",16,5,0
138,430,"Bollywood Dance-based Cardio Fitness",15,7,0
35,524,"Afro-Cuban Modern with Natalia Aceves",35,35,31
37,426,"The Art of Social Dance: African American Couple Dances",50,30,0
36,427,"Beginning Hip Hop",15,15,6
39,424,"Intergenerational Dance & Storytelling",25,25,3
39,425,"Intergenerational Dance/Theater Performance: Rites of Passage",70,12,0
19,460,"International Folk Dance Party",0,18,0
42,422,"Family Art Day",0,7,0
96,423,"East Bay 5Rhythms Dance! ",0,25,0
135,421,"Open Dress Rehearsal of Into the Heartwood",0,13,0
35,419,"Education Programs Open House at LINES Dance Center",0,4,0
62,420,"5Rhythms Based Creative Expression",50,19,0
36,417,"Beginning Ballroom Dance",14,14,19
35,418,"LINES Dance Center Community Performance",0,16,0
93,415,"Movement Meditation",20,14,0
35,416,"HeART of Market",0,10,0
36,414,"Beginning Hip Hop",15,15,20
19,410,"Persian and Silk Road Dance",0,9,0
36,411,"Beginning Tap",10,10,6
20,409,"Outdoor performance",0,23,0
45,408,"An afternoon of half hour sampler classes followed by a performance",0,53,0
41,554,"Intermediate Ballet",0,6,0
127,404,"Sayawan Dance-a-thon ",0,22,0
43,403,"Experience Odissi & Kuchipudi Indian Classical Dance Styles",120,18,0
126,402,"Sunday Somatics: The Feldenkrais Method®",0,25,0
126,401,"Adult Ballet: Pas de Deux ",0,3,0
126,400,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,3,0
126,399,"Adult Introduction to Ballet",0,26,0
126,398,"Adult Intermediate Ballet",0,2,0
126,397,"Adult Intermediate Ballet",0,2,0
126,396,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,3,0
126,395,"Adult Introduction to Ballet",0,12,0
126,394,"Adult Advanced Ballet",0,0,0
126,392,"Adult Introduction to Ballet",0,18,0
126,393,"Sunday Somatics: The Feldenkrais Method®",0,24,0
126,391,"Adult Intermediate Ballet",0,9,0
126,390,"Adult Beginning to Intermediate Ballet",0,3,0
126,389,"Adult Advanced Ballet",0,1,0
19,388,"Norwegian Folk Dance Party for All Experience Levels",0,6,0
114,387,"Hula for Kids",25,22,0
114,386,"Dance Art Sanctuary with Miriam Peretz",75,19,0
114,385,"Sacred Dance of the Silk Road with Miriam Peretz",75,25,0
55,384,"Intro to Breema",0,11,0
55,383,"The Gateway to Being Present: Self-Breema",0,4,0
55,382,"The Gateway to Being Present: Self-Breema",0,5,0
55,380,"Breema: The Art of Being Present",0,5,0
55,381,"Breema Bodywork and Principles",0,1,0
36,378,"Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Jazz Dance",15,10,0
36,379,"Beginning/Advanced Beginning African Haitian Dance",15,15,4
145,487,"Energy in Movement",25,14,0
36,376,"Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Modern Dance",15,15,19
36,377,"Beginning Jazz Dance",15,9,0
36,374,"Beginning European Folk Dance",15,2,0
36,375,"Intermediate Modern Dance",15,11,0
36,373,"Dance History",10,6,0
93,371,"Brazilian Samba",40,40,27
93,372,"Argentine Tango",40,40,3
93,370,"Latin Hip Hop (Mixtiso)",15,15,27
124,368,"Open Rehearsal of The Studio Company",70,2,0
93,367,"Pre-Ballet for Kids",15,4,0
114,366,"Intro to Tahitian Dance",75,38,0
114,364,"Hula Pahu - Hawaiʻiʻs Sacred Dance",75,75,0
114,365,"Intro to Hawaiian Hula",75,41,0
113,363,"Sample Classes JCCSF: Hip Hop, Bollywood, Zumba and more...",50,50,3
122,362,"Biodanza: To Dance With Life",100,13,0
122,361,"Biodanza in Nature",0,12,0
150,553,"April Follies Same-Sex Ballroom Competition and Show",0,4,0
122,360,"Biodanza: To Dance with Life",35,14,0
54,359,"Tarot as a Basis for Meaningful Choreography-Intro",12,9,0
54,358,"Tarot as a Basis for Meaningful Choreography-Intro",12,11,0
103,357,"La Zumba Latina",70,70,2
118,356,"Movement Prep",40,23,0
118,355,"Movement Prep",40,39,0
36,354,"Intermediate Ballet",15,5,0
49,352,"Be A Choreographer For A Day",15,15,1
19,349,"Blossom Festival - International Dance Party",0,18,0
120,348,"Bhangra Dance ",150,96,0
19,344,"Join Hands for World Dance",0,4,0
119,346,"Hope Mohr Dance: Precarious Open Rehearsal",0,15,0
19,343,"Family Night Folk Dancing",0,3,0
19,342,"International Folk Dance",0,2,0
19,341,"International Folk Dance ",0,10,0
19,339,"Step into Greek Dance!",0,13,0
19,340,"Balkans and Beyond",0,6,0
117,338,"World music dance floor with DJ Amar and Fusion Bellydance performance",0,22,0
117,337,"Fusion Belly Dance with Kamille of RockaBelly",25,24,0
18,334,"Kathy Mata Ballet Dance Week Celebration",80,33,0
134,585,"Elevate Your Dance Career - Resources For Dancers",0,5,0
116,336,"sjDANCEco Festival @ Santana Row",0,21,0
18,333,"Kathy Mata Ballet Dance Week Celebration",80,42,0
115,332,"Open Rehearsal and Discussion with UpSwing Company",50,19,0
15,331,"Soul Sanctuary Dance - Freestyle Community Dance",100,22,0
115,330,"Intro to Aerial Dance",40,40,25
29,327,"An evening of dance",100,40,0
22,326,"Ways Not To Drown ",25,22,0
131,606,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,1,0
131,607,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,1,0
131,608,"Introductory 30 minute Private Lesson",5,5,5
153,609,"GrooveMe Nia",25,3,0
131,610,"Learn Two Ballroom Dances!",0,34,0
161,611,"Buti Yoga",0,15,0
162,612,"Bollywood Cardio",125,31,0
162,613,"Bollywood Cardio and Choreography (Two in one)",250,1,0