8,11,"Kick-Off for Bay Area Dance Week 2018",0,17,0
41,46,"Matinee Munch Choreographer's Showcase",50,1,0
41,45,"COterie DAnce Company Class",15,0,0
41,44,"Beginning Ballet",20,1,0
41,43,"dNaga Open Rehearsal",40,3,0
41,40,"Intermediate Ballet",20,0,0
165,33,"Men-Only Ecstatic Dance",30,0,0
164,34,"Introduction to Argentine Tango",40,1,0
164,35,"East Coast Swing - Beginning",40,1,0
18,36,"Kathy Mata Ballet Presents Bay Area Dance Week Celebration 2018",80,5,0
18,38,"Kathy Mata Ballet Presents Bay Area Dance Week Celebration 2018",80,3,0
29,39,"An evening of original work by 6 choreographers",150,1,0
41,47,"Beginning Hip Hop",20,3,0
41,48,"Modern Jazz Intermediate/Advanced",20,0,0
41,49,"Ballet Advanced Beginning/Intermediate",20,0,0
41,50,"Beginning Modern",20,0,0
19,51,"May Day Balkan Dance Celebration!",100,0,0
43,52,"Intro to Odissi Indian Classical Dance",20,1,0
19,53,"Join Hands for World Dance",50,0,0
19,55,"Scandinavian Dance Party",80,0,0
169,56,"Introduction to Argentine Tango with Christy Cote",16,3,0
169,57,"Introduction to Argentine Tango with Christy Cote",16,0,0
169,58,"Introduction to Argentine Tango with Christy Cote",0,2,0
166,59,"Intro to Poi Spinning :: A Foundation for Beginners",25,4,0
166,61,"Dancing with props & finding your flow",25,0,0
166,62,"Dancing with poi",25,0,0
100,63,"Hawaiian Hula ",20,0,0
100,64,"Tahitian Dance (ages 13+)",20,0,0
19,65,"Introduction to International Folk Dance",100,0,0
100,68,"Kane (Men's) Hula",20,0,0
100,70,"Polynesian Dance Conditioning ",20,1,0
37,73,"Congolese Dance ",75,0,0
170,74,"Hoop Dance for the Body and Mind",25,1,0
19,75,"Afternoon World Dance",80,0,0
176,171,"Dances of Joy and Vitality - Biodanza with Julie ",50,1,0
44,76,"Bliss Grooves Playful Dance Fitness",25,0,0
171,77,"Intro to Adult Pas De Deux (Ballet Partnering)",30,1,0
171,78,"Intro to Adult Ballet (beginning level ballet for adults)",20,2,0
171,80,"Intermediate Ballet for Adults",25,1,0
171,81,"Jazz Dance for Adults",30,1,0
171,82,"Introduction to Ballroom/Partner Dance for Adults",35,2,0
171,83,"Kids Intro to Latin and Ballroom Partner Dancing (Ages 5-10)",36,0,0
171,84,"Kids Intro to Latin and Ballroom Partner Dancing (Ages 11-16)",36,0,0
86,85,"Tamalpa Dances with Joy Cosculluela",25,1,0
86,86,"Tamalpa Dances with Iu-Hui Chua",25,0,0
86,87,"Tamalpa Dances with Kaye Anderson",14,0,0
19,88,"International Dance in the Afternoon",80,0,0
19,89,"International Folk Dance Party",120,0,0
19,90,"Intermediate International Folk Dance",120,0,0
19,91,"International Folk Dance Party",120,0,0
19,92,"Beginning International Folk Dance ",120,0,0
19,93,"Balkans and Beyond",80,0,0
19,94,"Blossom Festival - International Dance Party",300,0,0
19,95,"Step into the World of Greek Dance",50,0,0
19,96,"Fun Folk Dancing! ",50,1,0
25,97,"American Tribal Style® Belly Dance",50,1,0
143,98,"Company Class led by AXIS Artistic Director Marc Brew",35,0,0
143,99,"AXIS Open Rehearsal ",80,0,0
36,114,"Dance Improvisation",15,1,0
36,115,"Beginning Hip Hop",15,1,0
36,118,"Beginning Ballet",15,0,0
36,119,"Beginning European Folk Dance",10,0,0
36,120,"Beginning Salsa and Latin Dance",14,0,0
36,121,"Dance Conditioning",10,2,0
36,122,"Zumba: Latin Style Dance Forms",15,0,0
36,123,"Zumba: Latin Style Dance Forms",15,0,0
36,124,"Beginning Ballroom Dance",16,0,0
36,125,"Intermediate Modern Dance",15,1,0
36,126,"Beginning Jazz Dance",15,1,0
36,127,"Beginning Argentine Tango",16,1,0
36,128,"Beginning Argentine Tango",16,2,0
36,130,"Beginning Salsa and Latin Dance",15,0,0
36,131,"Dance History",15,0,0
36,132,"Beginning African Haitian Dance",15,0,0
36,134,"Feldenkrais® for Performance",15,0,0
130,136,"MJDC Open Rehearsal",50,2,0
173,139,"What's Up?! Performance",100,0,0
46,140,"Ballet ",60,0,0
46,142,"K-Pop Dance",60,1,0
46,143,"Beginning Salsa",60,1,0
46,145,"Bridge Salsa",60,1,0
19,146,"Ethnic Dances from the Balkans and Beyond",80,1,0
46,148,"Jazz Dance",60,0,0
46,150,"Bellydance Level 1",60,0,0
46,151,"Bellydance Level 2",60,0,0
150,152,"April Follies Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition",500,1,0
19,153,"Family Folk Dance Party",80,0,0
19,154,"Around the World with Easy Partner Mixers",80,0,0
46,155,"Hip Hop",60,0,0
22,157,"Ways Not To Drown",25,0,0
175,158,"Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances 2018",0,1,0
155,159,"Sensory-Friendly MAGIC Movement- Dance, Tumbling, Singing!",10,0,0
35,161,"Free Contemporary Congolese Dance Class at LINES Dance Center",0,2,0
35,162,"Alonzo King LINES Dance Center",0,2,0
35,163,"HeART of Market with Alonzo King LINES Dance Center",0,0,0
120,164,"Bhangra Dance Class ",200,0,0
120,165,"Bhangra Dance Class ",100,0,0
140,169,"Modern Dance from The Inside Out",20,0,0
51,166,"FREE TO FLY",54,9,0
51,168,"Fiesta Sin Fronteras ",0,1,0
140,170,"Modern Dance from The Inside Out",20,1,0
176,172,"Biodanza with Zora ",70,0,0
15,173,"Soul Sanctuary Dance - Freestyle Community Dance",100,1,0
35,174,"Observe the LINES Ballet Education Programs",100,1,0
59,175,"Body Tales & Authentic Movement ",50,0,0
178,176,"Dance Jam Berkeley :: Your Somatic-Ecstatic Audio Apothecary! ",100,1,0
32,179,"Dances for Camera - Film Screening",200,1,0
45,180,"Half hour sampler classes, an informal performance, and a dance jam",50,2,0
103,181,"BOS Dance with Alyssa Decaro",55,1,0
103,182,"BOS Dance with Alyssa Decaro",55,1,0
103,183,"Rhythm Cafe Dance & Drum Party ",75,0,0
103,184,"Shake Your Asana: Yoga & Dance Celebration Experience",55,0,0
103,185,"LadyBOS Women's Performance & Workshop ",55,0,0
103,186,"Zumba with Adriana Oyarzun",55,1,0
177,187,"Showgirl Awakening 101: a transformational approach to dance and life",36,3,0
103,188,"Zumba with Andreina Febres",55,3,0
103,189,"Bodywerk with Momo LeBeau",55,3,0
181,191,"PUSHFEST SPRING YOUTH HIP HOP (AGES 7-14)",35,0,0
181,190,"PUSHFEST SPRING KIDS HIP HOP (AGES 4-6)",35,0,0
182,197,"Parent & Me Dance Class (Parents and Children Ages 5-9)",50,0,0
182,198,"Anatomy of the Port de Bras (Ages 7- Adult)",50,1,0
183,201,"Being Danced. An experiment in communal Play!",50,0,0
185,203,"Afro Fusion",22,1,0
186,204,"Bachata Partnering Level 1- Kathy Reyes",40,0,0
186,205,"CAPOEIRA With Broderick Rodell",30,0,0
126,208,"Rhythm & Motion",70,1,0
126,209,"Rhythm & Motion",70,0,0
126,210,"Rhythm & Motion",70,1,0
126,211,"Introduction to Ballet",25,1,0
126,212,"Introduction to Ballet",25,0,0
126,213,"Intermediate Ballet",25,0,0
126,214,"Advanced Ballet",25,0,0
126,215,"Beginning/Intermediate Ballet",25,0,0
126,216,"Intermediate Pas De Deux",25,0,0
54,218,"Intro to Tarot in Motion",15,0,0
187,219,"Quantum Dance",40,1,0
103,220,"YSTYLE w. Yeni Lucero",55,0,0
184,250,"Festival @ Santana Row",0,0,0
189,224,"MACLA's Family Art Day",0,0,0
129,225,"Intro to Duncan Dance",70,0,0
139,226,"Company Class Onstage & Dance Series 02 Performance",30,2,0
126,227,"Dance for PD®",25,0,0
190,228,"Improvisational Performance Practice",100,0,0
186,229,"The Blend Dance Fitness- Tamika Harris",40,0,0
186,230,"Ballet Beginner Level- David Bertlin and Ronn Guidi",250,1,0
186,231,"Pilates Level 2 - Karen Emery",250,0,0
186,232,"Flamenco Level 1- Yaelisa ",250,0,0
186,234,"Odissi Indian Classical Dance - Guru Vishnu",40,0,0
142,240,"Day of Dance for Every Body",100,0,0
79,236,"Korean Traditional Drum Dance Workshop!",0,0,0
79,237,"K-pop Cover Dance Workshop!",300,2,0
186,238,"Ashkenaz International Dance Showcase",250,0,0
79,239,"Korean Traditional Fan Dance Workshop!",300,0,0
191,241,"Argentine Folk Dance",25,0,0
191,242,"The Music of the Tango",30,1,0
191,243,"Intro to Argentine Tango",25,1,0
192,246,"Intro to Folk Dances from India",30,0,0
193,248,"Intro to India's Kathak Dance",80,0,0
193,249,"Intro to India's Kathak Dance",80,1,0
194,251,"Kuduro Dance",25,0,0
49,252,"Shadows and Light",35,0,0