How many people attend Bay Area Dance Week?

Every year, hundreds of artists, teachers, schools and organizations come together to host free events during this 10-day festival of dance. Last year over 21,000 people participated in almost 400 free classes, performances, open houses, workshops and lectures!

What does it cost to host an event?

It costs $86 to register your first event, and $12 for every additional event. Dancers’ Group Individual and Company Members receive a discount: $66 for the first event and $10 for every additional event.

How do I receive the Member discount?

If you are a Dancers’ Group Individual or Company member or a Fiscally Sponsored Project you can email badw@dancersgroup.org for the 2018 discount code. To become a member visit dancersgroup.org/join.

Can I pay with a check instead of Paypal?

Of course! Email badw@dancersgroup.org or call 415-920-9181.

Can I charge for attendance at my event?

No. Bay Area Dance Week is a free celebration of dance, designed to build a larger audience for all things about the dancing body. Hosting a free event is a great way to reach new students, audiences, and followers. If participants choose to donate or purchase merchandise at your event, it must be clearly optional. If you list a cost for an event on bayareadance.org, the listing will be removed.


When do I need to register my events in order to be considered for the printed Event guide?

By 5pm on Friday, Feb 8

How can I advertise in the event guide?

Placing an ad in the event guide is a great opportunity to promote your organization to a significant audience of dancers and dance lovers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Find more details about advertising.

Where can I find an event guide?

Each year, 40,000 event guides are distributed throughout the Bay Area to nearly 600 local dance studios, coffee shops, theaters and public spaces. Several locations have large quantities of guides, so that you can grab stacks to share. Find that list here.

Can I use the Bay Area Dance Week logo?

Yes! The Bay Area Dance Week logo for print and web can be downloaded here.


How do I register my event(s)?

It’s easy to register and pay for your events online.

I want to host a free event during Bay Area Dance Week but I don’t have space. What do I do?

While we do not contact spaces or reserve spaces for hosts, you can search for a venue to rent at bayareaspaces.org.

How do I change a detail about my event?

Login to your host account and click “Modify an Event.” Then select the event(s) you wish to modify. All participants who have signed up for their event will be notified of the change(s).

I’ve lost my login information?

Click here to reset your username and/or password. Or contact badw@dancersgroup.org.

What is my Event ID number?

Each event has a unique Event ID number for referencing and sorting; we use it to find your event if you have a question/request. Hosts receive an email with their Event ID number and can find it in their profile under Event Details.

Where can I see a list of people who have signed up? How do I contact them?

Login to your host account and click “Up-to-date Sign Up List” to download a .csv format list of names and contacts for the event.

How does the waitlist work?

Once your event reaches its maximum signups, determined by the capacity you chose, a wait list will automatically be started for those who try to sign up for the event. Participants will receive a notification with their waitlist number as well as a notification if a spot becomes available. This happens if someone above them in line cancels their attendance. You can view and download a list of participants and waitlisted participants in your account.

Those on the waitlist are potential students and/or audience and we encourage you to engage with them! Consider offering them a discounted or free coupon for a future class or inviting them to a performance at another point during the year.

Do I have to include an image?

No but an image is highly recommended. Full color images that reflect your form and or style of dance and that show a face or faces are seen as attention grabbing.

I need to cancel my event – how do I do this?

Contact badw@dancersgroup.org to cancel your event. Refunds are handled on a case-to-case basis. All participants who have signed up for their event will be notified that the event has been cancelled.