Terms Of Service

Bay Area Dance Week's mission is to promote and celebrate dance in all its forms in the San Francisco Bay Area. The celebration is an annual ten-day series of hundreds of free classes, workshops, rehearsals, and performances that are open to the public and that allow artists, venues, and organizations to showcase their programming.

Please carefully read and agree to our short Terms of Service agreement provided below:

All Events are Free
I understand that Bay Area Dance Week's main purpose is to offer free dance- related events to the general public over the span of a 10-day celebration.

Listing your event(s)
I understand that I will not list a price for any event(s) associated with Bay Area Dance Week on their website (www.bayareadance.org) or affiliate sites such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Corrections and proofing my event
I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the information including time, venue, location, etc., of my event(s) are accurate.

In the event of a cancellation, I promise to work in good faith to cancel my event(s) in a timely manner and notify all necessary audience participants.

Reserved Rights
I understand that Bay Area Dance Week has the right to take down any event(s) off its website for any reason or if it violates this agreement.